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Ogee Group LLC develops and publishes specialized utilities, subject to certain license terms and conditions:
Excel Compiler™ (formerly FastMC) Free
A Microsoft Excel add-in to compile Excel formulas into VBA code with focus on Monte Carlo applications. Compatible with Windows & MacOS. Check our  Quick User Guide and this  example
Mif2TeX 1.0 Free
a free utility for Windows which scans for equations in an Adobe FrameMaker MIF file and replaces them with equivalent TeX expressions.
qCropLib 1.0 Free
a free Windows class library (DLL) containing two utility functions to automatically crop bitmaps with transparent borders. No license/freely redistributable.
ImageListBoxLib 1.0 Beta Free
a free Windows control library (DLL) for an enhanced ListBox which can handle text and images. Multicolumn display is also supported.

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