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Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility & Correlation (2014) An Introduction to Equity Derivatives, 2nd Ed (2012)                  Professional Reports & Papers

For the equity derivative traders and quantitative analysts who need to understand the latest models in pricing and hedging advanced equity instruments, Advanced Equity Derivatives is the perfect choice. Sébastien Bossu gets down to details immediately, concisely presenting single- and multi-asset exotics before moving into the key concepts that sophisticated traders need to know such as:

  • Implied volatility surface models and their consequence for the pricing of exotics
  • Local and stochastic volatility models
  • Pricing European payoffs using implied distributions
  • Variance swaps and other volatility derivatives
  • Extending Black-Scholes and local volatility models to include correlation assets
  • Dispersion trading and correlation swaps
  • Local and stochastic correlation models and matrices

Written by internationally respected academic and finance professionals, Sebastien Bossu and Philipe Henrotte, An Introduction to Equity Derivatives is the fully updated and expanded second edition of the popular Finance and Derivatives. Designed for both new practitioners and students, it requires no prior background in finance and features twelve chapters of gradual difficulty, beginning with the basic principles of interest rate and discounting, and ending with the advanced concepts of derivatives, volatility trading, and exotic products.

  • An excellent resource for finance professionals and investors looking to acquire an understanding of financial derivatives theory and practice
  • Completely revised and updated with new chapters, including coverage of cutting-edge concepts in volatility trading and exotic products

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